Hunt Direct awards

  • 2019 USPS Informed Delivery Campaign Finalist
  • 2018 NEDMA Gold and Silver award, Hunt Direct for UMASS Boston
  • 2013 NEDMA Silver award for Liberty Mutual Dimensional mail.
  • 2010 NEDMA Best of Show award for Holiday Inn 
  • 2006 Volunteer of the year award  from the Metrowest YMCA 
  • 2003  Gold Award from NEDMA DM on a Shoestring Budget


2019 USPS AWARD NextGen Award Finalist


  Our objective was 2 fold: 1; to make people aware of some new technology in printing and with the USPS that Hunt Direct could provide consultation for, and, 2; to promote Informed Delivery® so that our piece, once mailed, would be able to stand out in their email box, and allow them to click through to our website

Next Generation Campaign Book


 • Outer Envelope was a previously approved Ted-C format 

• Letter was generic with a QR code leading to Hunt Directs Website

• Also listed was email and phone contact info



2018 NEDMA Silver Award for Direct Mail- Self promotion and 2 others!

 Hunt Direct won 3 NEDMA Awards for Creative Excellence . 1 Gold and 1 Silver for our UMASS Boston pop up welcome day selfmailer, and 1 silver for Agency self promotion using our NEW shape cuts envelope.